Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What's For Brunch? Menu and Preparation.

As the second day in a series of posts about my graduation celebrations, I present my plans for the brunch that I plan to offer to our out-of-town guests prior to the ceremony. 

Our guests are not staying in our home, which I am most thankful for, but never the less, I feel like I should make some sort of offering to them as I love food and I would hope they would do the same for me. Actually, because mostly I am just speaking of my Mom and my Milly, I am absolutely certain they would too.

I'm not thinking of anything fancy schmancy, but just want some tasty goods around. And I've really been wanting to make one of these recipes, but need an opportunity to give some away, because there are so many, so this sounds perfect.

The Brunch Menu.

Orange Juice
Simple Sliced Fruits
(strawberries, pears, and apples)
Sliced Cheeses
(american, swiss, and maybe some brillat savarin, because I hear it pairs well with pears)
Breakfast Casserole
I haven't found a recipe just yet, but I'm think sausage, egg, cheese, red bell pepper, and some sort of spice. I have been scouring recipes all over the web, and they all sound greasy instead of light and tasty. I'm going to keep looking, but I'm open to suggestions! Actually, maybe I'll open one of my cookbooks! I'll certainly keep you updated on this and I might even start looking at quiche.
And last, and most certainly not least: 
The PW's Cinnamon Rolls.
They look amazing. And it never hurts to impress the in-laws with your mad baking skills. Of course, I don't have mad baking skills, but I'm really wanting to try these and Handsome said I'm not allowed to make them for just us. Or for any of my single friends. So with families coming, and not just mine, I figure we'll keep a couple of pans, and I'll give a couple to some of my favorite ladies to share with their own 'rents. 

Assuming the dough rises and they turn out ok.

And in preparation for this lovely affair I'm dreaming about in my head, I'm progressively cleaning the house. Today: mopping and vacuuming is on the horizon.

And while I'm working on floors, I might find time for a little pedi too. A day about feet!

Hope you are enjoying yours!



Stephanie M. Page said...

Delicious! Can I come?? Make sure you take pictures...I am suddenly feeling inspired to bake!

Annie said...

the brunch sounds so yummy!! i want to come!
a pedi sounds lovely right about now! i'd love one as well ;)

have a great week hun!

Happy Dash said...

yum! I am sure your guests will love it :) Rob won't let me bake either unless we have a lot of people coming over or if I promise to take 1/2 to the family I work for!

Kelley said...

you should definitely make the rolls! They are soooo easy and impossible to mess up!