Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who Exactly Is the Audience?

Do you ever consciously sit and think about who you are blogging for?

Because I do.

I often wonder, while I'm in the middle of writing a post, whether its addressed to the blogging world or to me and Handsome and to our children in twenty years. I wonder if I'm actually writing to you, the readers, the actual audience, and if so, if I will actually want to go back and read my posts someday.  Because I started writing with the idea of documenting my thoughts, my stories and my life.

And I think I do document my thoughts, my stories, my likes and my life, but sometimes most of the time while I'm working on a post, I get to thinking about how it reads and how the readers will react to it.

Maybe this is a good thing because they say a good writer always knows his audience. But I'm not sure who my audience is. Is it me? Is it you? Is it somehow both? (Right, like a primary and a secondary audience). I haven't quite figured that out yet, because as my blog has developed and as I've gotten to know other bloggers, I realize that I like the conversation type of exchange that happens as we get to know one another. But personally, I have this desire to create something that I won't mind pulling out at some point later in my life.

Especially since I want to get one of those fancy Blog Books that people talk about all the time.

Anyway, as I was sorting this out in my head, I just thought I'd see if anyone else is conscious of this fact and how it gets sorted out.  And you know, blog to you about blogging. This is clearly one of the entries I wouldn't really care to read someday if I printed it in a blogging book. ;)

And its not a post that I think my husband will ready because my husband isn't too big of a fan of the posts when I blog about blogging. And I understand why.  Because its boring.  So I won't do it much longer.

I'm here. And I'm still writing,  

Post. Script. I've been wanting to say "Welcome" to my new followers, so what better post than one talking about the audience! Welcome to you and thanks for reading!


...::Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride::... said...

I like to think I just write for an "audience of One"...but I also write for the memories, so that some day down the road we can look back together over our journey. :)

Callie Nicole said...

I've thought about doing one of those blog books someday too - but like you said, there are alot of my posts that I wouldn't really care to have in it, because they're just kind of conversational or too brief. So I don't know either. I wonder if you can pick and choose which posts to use?