Monday, January 18, 2010

A Saturday - Sunday Summary.

Well, I shouldn't have promised you all that I would not post about food. That is because it has squelched my inner creative juices, as it seems food is one of the things I most enjoy posting about.

I had a reader request to write a weekend wrap-up, and because she is one of my favorites,I'm kindly obliging! I think her request was prompted by my complaining about being bored silly last weekend which was absolutely not the case this weekend.

Handsome and I drove down to Hometown on Friday afternoon and evening. The Mr. had to have some work done on his truck and then worked with his brother on a house his brother is building. As far as I can tell, they had a lovely time together.

While he was off being a super-productive handyman, I was busy with errands and baking and studying, oh and recovering. You see, I had this cold/fever situation about 15 days ago and the remnants are lingering. I have probably been through about five boxes of Kleenex in the last two weeks. Please don't tell the tree-friendly people or they may put me out to pasture, left to use the leaves and grass.

Other than the recovering and sleeping in part, I hung out with my parents and ran errands with both.

I bought the cutest little tote from Target. Oh, you can see it right here:

(I know, I know, the photo quality thing. I'm working on it. Promise).

I have been feeling rather dorky with my eight year old backpack lately at school. I actually don't mind the backpack when I am at school and other people are wearing jeans and sweatshirts, but it feels a little odd when I have to dress sort of fancy for a few classes and I have both shoulder straps on and the front of my bag has been graffitied from Sharpies like it was cool to tag in high school. (Ok, kidding about the graffiti part but it added to the story. And also, "graffitied" is actually a word. I looked it up).

I also did my first reading assignments of the semester which feels like an accomplishment seeing as I'm in complete denial that 1. school has begun again and 2. once school is over this time, its pretty much over. But I'll save that much for another post.

My mom and I also made a delicious dessert that I'll hopefully write a post about later on. Mmm. Seriously, I would survive completely on chocolate if it was possible. And trust me, its not possible, I have tried.

What did you to celebrate the three day weekend?



Brittney Galloway said...

We had a lot of family time, but it was great! Can't wait to hear about that dessert recipe!

M said...

I bought my bag from Target too!

katie + bret said...

Fun bag!! :)

Annie said...

i always buy bags/purses from target! i love everything about target ;)
you can go ahead and post all you want about food. i like new recipes and seeing what other ladies are cookin!
glad you had a good weekend hun!!

Q, La, and Gooner said...

I like the tote. I carried around a diaper bag for awhile and then realized Gooner didn't REALLY need all that crud. Now I just throw in a diaper and "stuff" into my handbag of choice and I feel a lot more stylish and a lot less dowdy. I think you must plant more trees now... ;)

Callie Nicole said...

Cute bag! Target has some good stuff . . .

Jess said...

Cute bag! I had to update my school bag to something more grown up too. :)