Monday, September 13, 2010

How I Managed to Drag My Husband Out of the Woods.

Every so often Handsome or I get this little tickle that makes us want to modify our surroundings. He will likely argue with the above statement, so I'll just claim it for myself: Sometimes I want to redecorate a bit!
Seeing as we rent our little abode and have signed on the line to never crayola the walls with shades of Indigo or Razzmatazz or Wild Blue Yonder, we are stuck with a nice shade of Almond on all of our walls.

Thusly, the redecorating usually involves rearranging the furniture or the wall hangings or occasionally a change of fabric.

Handsome inherited the Al Borlin-esque couch prior to our marriage and he decided that sharing it with me would be quite a lovely wedding gift! Seeing as I had no couch of my own, and the papasan only seats one bum (literally or figuratively) I gladly accepted his gracious gift. 

See below: 

Now I was certainly a fan of Home Improvement in the glory days of television broadcasting, but since moving in with the husband I have wanted to change cover things up a bit. But seeing as marriage is all about compromise and being a newly-wedded bride with all sorts of hopes to be the best wife ever, I never pushed the issue too much because a certain husband of mine thinks "covers" are umm, how should we say it?, tacky. ugly. cheap-looking. and I could go on.

So I have been living happily in a rustic Oregon cabin in the year 1991 for approximately two years. Until last Saturday night when Handsome decided that our throw pillows have not been adequately supporting his neck. So we left the wooded forrest and headed into town like every other childless couple can freely do on Saturday night and we ventured into another kind of frrest: a forest of throw pillows at stores like Pier One and Tar-jeh and Linens-n-Things. 

And once we reach a clearing, after much hiking and debating and after hitting a few switchbacks, we bought a cover.  We took it home and immediately blanketed Al Borlin with our Almond canvas colored purchase. 

Much to our dismay, it was hideous, but Handsome is not one to give up quickly. So within two or so days we had scoured all of our reasonable options in our city and come across a rich chocolately possibility. 

See below: 

If you know me at all, you know I won't turn down chocolate. But I'm so glad that Handsome was open to the change, because I'm quite pleased with our fix. It didn't break the bank. We didn't buy new furniture that might not work in a new place when (and if) we ever decide to move. Both of us are happy. And we got new pillows too. 

Proving, that compromise and patience is key to a successful marriage. And a little bit of chocolate never hurt anyone.


I'm here. And I'm still writing,

Post. Script. Please forgive the lighting in the before photograph. I took the photo and didn't review it before we had already covered the couch. While I'm certain that Handsome would be happy to remove the cover so I could get a better photo, I decided that I would prefer to wait and use a labor request for a more difficult or necessary project. I knew you would understand.


Charbelle said...

That looks fantastic!!! Where did you find it? I probably have the almond color slip cover on my couch, I got it from Target and I've had it for years now since my couch is UGLY!!! But I love it's shape and the slip cover works perfectly and I have chocolate pillows, the exact reverse of your couch and pillows :)

Kelley said...

i love it! so cute! and much better than the plaid!

Mrs.LifeAccounts said...

Love it! It's a great upgrade, really changes the room!

Rebecca (Craving Simplicity) said...

Love it!!!

Callie Nicole said...

Very nice! I think the cover is a great solution - good idea!

arsenalfamily said...

It looks fantastic!