Sunday, October 3, 2010

Full(y) Changing.

I'm coming to you from my living room on Sunday evening. Handsome sits on the couch watching Sunday night football. I'm breathing in the crisp cool air and cozyed up in my favorite fleece (which I've been wearing all spring and summer too because I like it). I'm yawning and thinking socks would comfort my toes, but I haven't sat with still with my computer in a long time so I think I'll just stay right here.

Our weekend was full. And actually our lives have been so full lately.  Full of love, of thinking, of activity. Full of family and of friends.  So full, that I didn't even remember to say goodbye before I took a pause from blog for life. 
It is so fun being out of school. I thought working forty hour weeks would be more exhausting than school was...and in some ways it is! Right now its a bit more draining, but I think in ways that I will grow accustomed to soon. In most ways it is such a joy being completely free of thinking-stress on the weekends and when I watch the tele with my man on weeknights.
A bit of exercising, a few fun nights with friends, laundry and sleep have been filling up my waking-non-working hours. I have barely been reading or cooking (much to the man's dismay), but maybe soon this workin-life will feel more normal than it has so far.  It is invigorating to start a new chapter and to acclimate to it, even if I seem to do so a bit slowly. I'm thrilled that the weather is crisp and a new season (in more ways than one) is beginning. 

I'm still here. And I'm still writing,


Kelley said...

so happy for the fullness! It is well deserved!

Sobrina Tung said...

it does take a bit to adjust to the long work weeks, but I totally agree with you about the stress-free weekends!! :) Sounds like you've been having fun. I hope you enjoy the pumpkin bread!

Anonymous said...

Amen, I am so excited about our new beginning! You'll have to give us more details when you can!