Friday, September 10, 2010

Listed Without Method.

1. We joined a gym... and I just love having the opportunity to go! This is the first time I have ever really been a gym member (other than in college or paying for pool use for swim team as a child) and so far, it is one of the best decisions we have made. I haven't been brave enough to try a class yet, but one of these days I'll get in there. I'm especially interested in the spin classes and the cardio/weights classes.

2. I'm craving s'mores. But I want the campfire part and sweaters to go with! On the grill or on the stove just doesn't sound appealing!

3. The fall clothes: jackets and boots, sweaters and jeans are really looking nice! This year I won't need as many casual clothes (because of my work dress code), so of course that is what looks the best to me at the stores.

4. I'm having nightmares about my job! Last night I dreamed that I started to get in the shower at the office at 6:45 a..m. thinking I would have enough time to get ready and then realizing everyone was congregating because we were supposed to be there and ready at 7! It was an awfully stinky way to start the first day on job.

5. A yogurt bar place recently opened near our home. We had been to Peachwave before and not been too excited about it. I convinced begged and pleaded with Handsome to go with me to try it and he reluctantly agreed. And I'm happy to say we were both pleased!

6. I'm in the process of closet purging (like as I type). Most of my code appropriate clothing lives in an armoir in one room of our house and most of my (former) daily clothes live in the closet in our guest room. I'm purging that closet and rearranging to try and fit my work clothes in my closet with my casual clothes such that everything will cohabitate peacefully. Thus, (hopefully) making it easier to create outfits in the early mornings.

7. I can't shop online unless I'm looking for a specific piece (like I saw it in the store and want to order it now). I guess I don't have the patience.  Catalogs still work for me, but I just can't get into this clicking from one page to the next to the next while every image loads. And then having to open up specific pages for each of the items I might be interested in! Ahhhh. It's enough to drive a girl batty.

8. I also can't get into ballet flats as proper footwear. For one, my feet get cold and two, I don't like the back bottoms of my pants to fray. But dang they are cute on others and boy oh boy do I feel like a frump walking around in clogs!

9. I really wish I was on vacation. Handsome and I had the BEST time last month and I am just smiling as I sit here thinking about it.

10. I never updated you, but my hard drive was wrecked. I lost a little bit of data, but nothing irreplaceable or devastating. My warranty on the computer was out, but somehow! remarkably! my hard drive was still under warranty. So they replaced it on the spot and since then I've had my little mac back and life is good!

I'm here. And I'm still writing,


Brittney Galloway said...

Great update! Gym classes are fun, but can be so intimidating! I went to one ( a step jazzercise,) and it was so difficult, that me and my mother in law walked out about 10 minutes in! It was SO hard! I LOVE spin class though- great cardio.

Charbelle said...

It's completely normal to have nightmares about your job like that! I've had plenty, the one I dislike the most is the one where I keep trying to get to work and I just can't and time keeps moving and I miss a whole day... I wake up feeling discombobulated!!
Go to the classes at the gym, they can be so much fun and a great way to meet people at your gym so you have people to say hi to when you go :)
I love ballet flats but they don't have enough support when I work the restuarant job so I have a modified version that has more cushion but are still cute!! If clogs feel clunky try wedges, they are super comfy and help keep the back of your pants off the ground!

Rebecca (Craving Simplicity) said...

I never shop online because I feel like nothing is ever as cute as the picture!! I like to actually try things on!

Kelley said...

loved the post! miss you friend!

Anonymous said...

Closet rearranging is always kinda fun. I find jems that make me happy! I love ballet flats!I normally have pants hemmed for my flats and have OTHER pants for higher shoes. Annoying, but wonderful. ;)