Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Post From No Ideas. But With Two Great Pictures. (In My Opinion).

So I suppose its time for another post, but to be completely forthcoming, I'm out of ideas. And guess what? I'm tired too. So those things have been limiting my blogging brain power, but yet, I'm laying on the bed, laptop propped up on my legs, typing a nice little note to you about nothing other than my lack of posting.

I'm brilliant, right? And totally going to get a lovely blogging award for my intermittent more frequent than I would like to admit "random thought" posts. Oh, wait, I'm not going to get an award for it? Really? Come. On. That is why I post! For the awards. And the acclaim. And...

Ok. Enough. I don't post for the awards. I post because I like to write what I'm thinking or doing or you know, planning to cook.

But here I already told you I'm not thinking well, and yet I'm posting about doing nothing, because as much as I would like to enjoy a super delicious dinner tonight, I haven't MEAL PLANNED in a few weeks (fail!) and therefore, we don't have a ton of super delicious ingredients ready to go.

Even though chicken spaghetti really does sound good again. In that cozy-its-still-sort-of-winter-out, but spring-is-trying-to-force-its-way-through and chicken is kind of light couple with the spaghetti which is oh so comforting.

But I digress, because this wasn't going to be a post about food. Or anything really for that matter, in which case there really isn't a need for a digression.

In which case, I should probably just get my shoes on and make a little trip to the grocery store to meal plan my way into dinner for tonight and for tomorrow, too.

Which would be good since we have evening-ish obligations for a while tomorrow night. And would probably be good for me to do tonight too so I'm not buying any more M&M speckled Easter eggs at my absolute favorite store when I go there later with Handsome to acquire a curling iron.

These are seriously delicious. Get some and your self will be thankful. 

Which I need for our evening-ish obligations tomorrow. And why I need to relax and rest and eat good dinner tonight, so I'll be pleasant tomorrow and maybe even have more ideas about what to post.

Hows that for forcing the post full-circle?
I'm here. And I'm still (regretfully for you perhaps?) writing,

Oh and because I'm feeling generous  guilty, I'm probably going to make PW's Chicken Spaghetti. I posted about wanting to make it a while ago, and I did, and it did NOT disappoint. Here is even one picture I took in the process:

This is the step where you mix the spaghetti with the pimentos and bell pepper and cheese and cream of mushroom sauce right before you throw it into a casserole for baking. Mmm. 


Ally said...

That looks very yummy! My hubby does most of the cooking in our house, but I bet he'd love this :)

I'm a new follower, I am finding all of these newlywed bloggers all of a sudden. I love it! 11.8.08 bride here!

Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing

Callie Nicole said...

Oh goodness. Recipe for the chicken spaghetti please!

Q, La, and Gooner said...

I don't like mushrooms. Gah. You seem pretty tired in this post! You need a break from school!

Just Me said...

You make me smile! =)