Friday, March 19, 2010

My Competitive Button Has Been Pushed.

My man and I compete with one another at very few things. It's quite pleasant, really, to have a relationship with another human and feel no competition between the two of you. With me and Mr. Ruggedly Handsome, we just generally accept that we are good at different things and that we complement each other in many ways. I think marriage is supposed to be freeing in that sort of way.

But there is this one area of our relationship that we compete in. Kinda funny that this is what we have chosen, since neither one of us is incredibly fond of tennis shoes squeaking on a floor while an orange rubbery ball is tossed and dribbled all about. Maybe its because we have gone mad... Or maybe its just something else.

Something like:  He is not one to pass up a good game, competition, match, tournament, and I am not invested enough to be upset  stay in bed for weeks on end barely eating anything if he beats me, so it seems like its the perfect thing for us to compete against one another. Or at least I tell myself I will be okay if I lose, though we haven't truly figured out if I will survive and feel sweet towards the Mr., as we have only played once before and I WON that round. 
Speaking of which, Handsome, I need to cash in on my prize. A full day of doing whatever I please, yes? Sounds like a day trip out of town with shopping and wandering and coffee-shop sitting and good food, of course. 

Or maybe you would like to go double or nothing this year? Hmm. No thanks. This is  not a valid offer.

So... my question is: do you and anyone in your life choose winners and compete in your own NCAA Tournament? 


We are also playing in individual matches with our fathers. He with his, me with mine. Should be a fun few weeks.  And the real upside: it makes watching sports on television that much more appealing to me. ;)

Happy Squeaking. 

I'm here. And I'll be watching,


Callie Nicole said...

How fun! I hope you win. ;-)

Meagan@Megs7827 said...

My high school boyfriend got me started with march madness. Then Hubby and I did brackets to compete with each other. Last year my dad joined in. This year our friend did an online league and both my parents, hubby, his dad, his brother, and future sister in law are all in it. Hubby is in first and I am in second!!!

Q, La, and Gooner said...

Q and I fill out a bracket together. I tell him what "name sounds good" and he tells me "what team is good" and we go from there. It works well for us. :)