Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The One Thing I Needed to Get Through The Winter In My Apartment

I have talked on many occasion about being cold. I must have poor circulation or something because my fingers and toes and nose are all usually chilly. I sleep under about four blankets as well as the normal sheet and comforter, wear two pair of socks and frequently sport a beanie to bed. It is slightly ridiculous. I have learned to deal with my temperature issue by always wearing layers and making certain to have a coat with me all winter long. And by coat I really mean parka.

And I don't even live in Minnesota. Or AntarCtica for that matter. (I emphasized the "c" because I misspelled it recently on the blog and my delightful husband made me aware of the fact that the Earth's southernmost continent is not Antartica as I believed and spelled, but Antarctica with a "c". Good times. Thankfully someone is proofreading and content monitoring the old blog, because frankly I don't even know when I am wrong. And I apparently ignore Blogger which led on that I had spelled a word incorrectly by placing a line of red dots underneath the word. But who really wants to be corrected by a machine when they can be corrected by their life partner?)

I digress.

I think I was talking about being cold and the layers I ordinarily wear. I may have already clearly made my point, but for the one person who might not have gotten it yet, I continue a little longer. I carry light wool, long-sleeved sweaters and cardigans with me all summer long, to protect me from the Arctic sixty degree temperatures I face every time I set foot in a restaurant or bank or ...  Oh, what is that you say? A bank? Well its a somewhat archaic institution where people used to store their money and people would set foot in them to either put money in or take it out. You may have a piece of plastic and a computer that function similarly today, but I could be wrong. You too may have frozen in the icy tundra that is known as the Teller line.

So you got it? I'm always cold! Sorry for rambling on and on.

The entire true point of my post was to say that this little sweetheart has revolutionized my life.

I'm not even kidding you. The Holmes electric space heater has been warming my heart and toes since December and I have never been happier to make a machines acquaintance. And I'm sharing and promoting out of the goodness of my heart, not because Holmes heard I was cold, sent me the heater, and asked me write nice things about them.

So while Spring is elluding me (and maybe you), I will continue to use the little champion and my husband and grades will be all the happier for it. (Yes, Mr. RH and I have had our share of thermostat wars and I really have a much easier time studying when I am not worried that my nose might fall off, even though you might not know it from the midterm I took this morning.).

Oh, and for those of you that might worry about the safety of a heater, it shuts itself off at certain temperatures and I unplug it when I'm not at the house. Thanks for the concern though.

I'm here. And I'm still writing,



Annie said...

we spent many winter months on our living room with a space heater on! it's the closet thing to a fire place, right?! ;)
our living room has wood floors and it's always freezing in there.

hope you are having a great day hun!!

d.a.r. said...

Haha! When we were dating, my husband's mom bought one JUST for me when I would go over there. They called it the "d.a.r. heater"!

Callie Nicole said...

Oh, that looks lovely! Most of the time I'm cold too - my hands especially, they're always freezing!