Thursday, September 10, 2009

The End of Church League Softball (for this year).

A few weeks back, Handsome had his last "church" league softball game. To commemorate the occasion, and because I wanted to self-designate as team-mom ever since the "collision," I decided to make cupcakes for the team!

I figured I could easily make something festive! So... I purchased a box cake mix (cheater!) and some white icing and picked up a red icing-gel pen as well. This is the final result:

I think we took more photos but I apparently don't have them on my computer.

And in case you were worried, Handsome's eye injury healed quite nicely. There is a scar underneath his eyebrow, but thankfully it is not very noticeable.

We are a little bummed that summer league is over, but I love fall so much that I think we will get through it.

I'm here. And I'm still writing...


Brittney Galloway said...

Those are So cute! Great job being the team 'mom!'

Kelley said...

love them! you are great at the team mom role!

Callie Nicole said...

I love the cookies! How creative!

Marissa said...

Those are so great!

Mr. and Mrs. said...

Those are super cute! I definitely think it's okay to cheat on the batter if you take the time to decorate them so cute!!