Sunday, August 30, 2009

Last First Fall Week.

I survived the first week, but not without a few glitches.

1. The school cancelled one of the two classes I was most looking forward to. Not only was my spirit a little crushed, but I had to rearrange and find new classes.

2. While I have been known to enjoy "class shopping" to some degree, it is also stressful, because a. You either read a LOT to prepare for all of the classes you might possibly want to take or b. You risk being called on unprepared for what would make a really good first impression. I did a bit of a combo. Thankfully the classes I didn't read for, I'm not keeping.

3. I found out in another class that I thought would primarily focus on writing, I will be speaking (in a group) almost weekly. And I have a fear of public speaking, but I guess there are only a few ways to conquer our fears.

4. In introductions, (in that same class), I realized my attempts at humor may be somewhat self-depricating and I don't enjoy that.

5. I found at least two classes, during class shopping that I would have never thought I would like and I think they are going to be excellent.

6. Mr. Ruggedly Handsome and I had the pleasure of hosting my dear friend K Man and her mother for an evening and I got to go wedding dress shopping with them one afternoon! How fun! It was a special time of chatting and catching up. We hadn't seen one another in over a year, since my own wedding day, because she has been living on a different continent for two and half years and only returned permanently last week. I was thankful to them for sharing with me one of the most special times during wedding planning. And she found a gorgeous gown and she will be a stunning bride.

7. I already wrote a short paper and turned it in.

8. I got slightly organized with my sources on the big paper and I should have a great schedule to allow for much concentration on it. If you are a Believer, prayers for me to continually use that time wisely and to be motivated towards progress would be so much appreciated.

9. I didn't allow myself to study yesterday and took a Saturday Sabbath. I will be studying this afternoon, but I'm almost prepared to say I'm excited about it.

10. This coming week, I will need to complete my applications for some positions that will be filled during September for life post-grad. I have a bit to do to prepare for them, but I'm trusting the Lord with this season and the applications and that His Glory will be revealed in whatever happens.

As far as my life outside of school, I am going to be doing a Beth Moore study with some ladies this year and Handsome and I are looking forward to our second year of marriage. I think I will be limiting myself to maybe one or two posts a week on the blog, because I will feel less pressure that way and hopefully spend more time on my homework. But...

I'll still be here. And I'll still be writing...


Brittney Galloway said...

I'm glad your first week went well! Class shopping CAN be super stressful, so I usually Preclass shop by emailing professors and asking for a syllabus, then deciding from that before class starts!

Q, La, and Gooner said...

oh man, wow! busy girl! I'm so glad your first week is OVER! That seems to be one of the hardest weeks! Glad you will still be writing.

Callie Nicole said...

Good lick on the classes and homework! The last year - woohoo!