Friday, February 4, 2011

A Pretty Little Holiday

What is pink and white and red all over?

Valentines Day, of course! I am a big fan of the heart-shaped holiday.  I mean, what is honestly better than chocolates and pretty pink hearts and white bows?   
I know some people feel like the holiday is isolating, because they don't have a man-friend to be all romantical in the wine and flowers type way, but honestly, we all have friends and family members that we LOVE... right?  So I don't really see the problem. Anyway.

It seems to me that this year, people are going all out for Valentines Day! And by people, I mean retail stores, advertisers, and television talk shows.  I have noticed this somewhat since Christmas, but seeing as the holiday is only ten days away now, they are certainly pushing things now!  I think its quite pretty and festive though, so I don't really mind. 
After a few trips to Target, glancing over a few emails from Williams Sonoma, and watching a Martha Stewart show on the special day, I am more excited than normal.  And it has happened much earlier too!
In case you are in the mood for a little lurve, these are a few of my favorite things for heart-filled day:
First up, X and O S'mores From Williams Sonoma.  Handsome and I had a box of WS S'mores at Christmas and they were absolutely delicious.  We bought them post-holiday when they were on sale.  I had been craving the real campfire variety for quite some time, and the WS marvels were a very good substitution. 

 Second, little Valentine Petits Fours.  I am not even sure that I like Petit Fours, because I have not had any for many years, but these are so cute and bite-sized that I imagine I would like them quite well.

Third, heart-shaped pancakes! This is cute and completely do-able at home. It would feel so fancy with some strawberries and  a Mimosa on a Saturday morning near the holiday! Sounds like a fun way to have breakfast!

Fourth, I have a special treat that my man would just swoon for.  He is a big fan of shortbread cookies, so these would be a perfect gift for him!

Next up are some heart-shaped soaps! I think these would be nice little gifts for some  female family members or to keep in the guest bathroom during the month of February.

And lastly, I think this heart-covered wax paper is perfect to wrap up some baked goodies for co-workers or neighbors or friends is an easy way to spread the love...

What are your favorite Valentine's Day treats and sweets?
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Brittney Galloway said...

Cute! I love it all! I'm really intrigued by the smores!

Callie Nicole said...

I love your ideas! I'm a big fan of Valentine's day too.

Mindy said...

I looove Valentine's Day and I'm a sucker for anything pink and white and red and heart shaped! We just made heart shaped sugar cookies and decorated them. YUM!

Kelley said...


Sassytimes said...

Great ideas. Love the heart pancakes.