Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Little Miss Fit Update: February 9th

Made it to the gym last night again.  Yay!
Spent twenty-five minutes on the elliptical and another
fifteen minutes of strength training on four machines.  
Handsome said maybe I should try strength training first before cardio because its easier to have better form and do more reps before your muscles are buzzing from cardio... so maybe I'll try that next time.
On the machines I did a seated leg lift, another leg push, seated bench press and a lateral pull down with various degrees of weights and about three sets of twelve reps on each. 
I have a question about strength training that I need to remember to ask him (or someone)....
How long should I wait between sets? I have been waiting as long as I need to feel like I could do it again, but I'm not sure if its long enough or too long. 
Okay, that is it for now. 

I'm here and I'm still writing,

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arsenalfamily said...

Woohoo, go you! Before you do any strength training you should do cardio for at least ten minutes to warm up your muscles. Normally the amount of time I want to rest between strength excersizes it too long, Q always pushes me. Whenever I work with a trainer I feel like they push me! Go you! I miss your posts. I rarely stop by to check anymore so I didn't know you posted!