Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Oh No No No. Do Yourself a Favor and Do NOT Read This Post.

Today, during my weekly Tuesday a routine Target run, a very bad thing happened to me. You won't even believe it when you read this, because its something I had been intentionally avoiding for some time now. And I had been avoiding it quite successfully!

It happened right after I finished glancing through the new workout dvd's, hoping to find some version of a nice Pillates dvd to incorporate into my get-re-fit routine, I happened upon them.

I had heard things about them. Generally good, but that once you take the step you can't really turn back. Because you sort of get addicted. You may know of the type of situation I'm talking about... the kind of thing that starts out innocently and soon enough takes over your ability to exercise self-control and you know that you can't admit it to anyone, especially not your husband because he will be so disappointed in you, but man, without some serious intervention its going to happen anyway...
because you just went ahead put them in your basket. 

And then you pushed them down to the bottom so in the event that you run into any of your friends from school who know you are trying to be healthy and happy,  they won't see them and question you or urge you to take them out of your basket.

And you gather up your other items and hurry yourself out of your favorite retail store, just so you can get to the privacy of your car.

And you rip into the plastic and pour a few into your hand.

And then its over. 

Because they really are just. that. good.

Not to mention that they were 50% of because Easter already happened.

And then as you chug the rest of the water you have in the car and the watered down tea from lunch, to try and prevent some of the damage you have done to your blood sugar, you pray OUT LOUD that you are thankful to the Lord that it was Easter, but you are so thankful that the rest of the Easter candy is gone, so it will be almost one whole more year before you are faced with such a temptation again. 

And you ask that next year you will rest on His ability to help you flee from it since you didn't quite make it this year. (And guys, I'm really not kidding...)

Because these

are just oh too good to resist.

And you also pray a word of thanks that there were only small tubes instead of large bags left and that you were able to resist for six weeks and you thank the Lord that you live in a country where you are able to enjoy such delicate chocolate creations. 
And then you get home. Put on the clothes. And know that Jillian is not going to be any easier on you today just because you had a rough time earlier at the store.
Oh, and when I say "you" in this post, I mean me. Dang it. 

I'm here. And I'm still writing. (And you can't say I didn't warn you). 


Brittney Galloway said...

Mmm, I do love most forms of chocolate!

LeAnna said...

They make those things in BAG fulls???? It's a good thing (not really) that my boy is sick this week, because I would have SO been on the 50% off Easter candy aisle. Gosh darnit, I love me some marked down jelly beans. Guess I'll have to eat some ice cream instead.

Callie Nicole said...

Ha! This made me laugh. I know exactly of what you speak.

Kelley said...

i am quite partial to the reese's eggs, and for the life of me I cannot exercise self-control with them!