Monday, April 19, 2010

Did You Miss Me?

Hello my sweet electronic friends,

How have you been? I have missed you during my hiatus... but I must say: it is a good thing I took a short break, because I had a difficult time getting things done last week without my favorite distraction. I'm sure it would not have been pretty if I had been blogging and not studying. 

So I'm back. And I'm feeling that awkward feeling of "how do I write a post?" that comes to me each time I take a short break. And which usually results in a bunch of sweet randomness just to get me going again.

So random list of thoughts #431 (actually probably more like 27, but 431 sounds better).

1. I hit 200 posts a while ago. Big milestone that I apparently ignored. Classic Katie.

2. So as not to miss the next big milestone in my life, I'm trying to confront it now. This means I'm in the midst of planning graduation festivities. And I'm actually going to have a bit of group to entertain. Handsome, Parentals x 2, Grand Parentals, maybe a few friends, and other random extendeds. I'm in the midst of drawing up an itenerary, looking at invitations, and altogether doing anything that sounds like graduation that doesn't confront the fact that I still have some school-related tasks to finish before I am actually allowed to graduate. Crazy how that works. But these are particularly minor (except for the one final that is 50% of my grade and the other that is 95%, but who is counting percentages at this point anyway?)

3. I am failing miserably at meal planning. But I did make a lovely dish of Squash Enchiladas the other evening. And my not-so-vegetable-happy husband enjoyed them. So that must tell you something.

4. Then again, the recipe uses ranch dressing and the man could eat ANYthing with ranch dressing. Chicken, carrots, enchiladas, Lays ruffled potato chips, eggs... oh, maybe not eggs. Who does THAT anyway? 

5. I am slowly making a switch to Soy I think. Not so much intentionally, but it started with the smoothies and it has now foamed its way into my Lattes. And I don't mind one bit. 

6. Speaking of food, I have a few ideas of recipes I'm going to try soon. And I'll be sharing if they are delicious. And I'm planning to try really hard to take photos. You will be so proud.

7. Speaking of graduation, I'm in the hunt for a few dresses / outfits for the events that I am attending. Should be lovely. And I think I have a post coming about that.

Stay tuned.

I'm BACK! And I'm still writing, 



Q, La, and Gooner said...

I missed you. It was a MAJOR bummer having you gone.

LeAnna said...

Checking out the squash enchiladas, they sound really good. And, I've been known to eat ranch on my eggs. So......


I feel you on the hunt for dresses/outfits. I'm not graduating, my sister is, and for some reason she invited her pregnant sister to all of her banquets and dinners. I mean, do you know how hard it is to find a dress that isn't maternity (b/c I don't need that quite yet) but doesn't make me look like just some fattie? It's hard, man.

Glad you're back!