Monday, February 20, 2012

Wreath-Making: A Fall Wreath

So one of the things I have been doing with my time lately is making wreaths.  It all started when I realized I was going to have a very beautiful, almost hunter green front door and that it would be mine, all mine, for at least the next several years.  I decided then and there that I would REALLY like to have a wreath for every season. I started brainstorming and imagining what they could be and what they could look like.  I would have a beautiful orange and brown and yellow leafy one in the fall and I would have a beautiful berry one for Christmas and I would have a heart for Valentine's day! Oh the possibilities were so endless... 

I started looking a little online, and a little at stores, and quickly realized that the offerings neither 1) fit my budget, nor 2) fit with my vision.  Some came close in either category, but none fit both categories, so I just ventured on into the blooms section of my local craft store and gathered up a bunch of lovelies and a grapevine wreath and set off towards home.

Now, I'm not one for hot glue.  I think its stringy and not so permanent and it just bugs me, so I quickly realized I needed to attach the blooms, leaves, ribbons, etc., in another fashion . I decided to wire them on and I think it worked quite well. 

I started with fall, because that was the season it was when we moved into our house with our very beautiful hunter-green-esque front door. So without further ado, here is my homemade fallish wreath!

I still love it and can't wait to put it back on my front door next year!
I'm here, and I'm still writing,

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Callie Nicole said...

It looks great, I love it!