Friday, February 24, 2012

Songs I'm Loving

I have recently found some new Christian music that I just LOVE. You may or may not have heard these artists, but I just have to share them, because their music is TOO good and TOO uplifting not to.  
First up, Lindsay Mccaul.  I bought Lindsay's cd "If It Leads Me Back" a few weeks ago and I tweeted about how excited I was then.  I had only heard a couple of her songs at that point, but since I have gotten the album, I have pretty much been listening to it non-stop. And that is saying a lot for me, because I don't often listen to music any place other than in my car.    

Here is "Say My Name" which is definitely one of my favorites:

Next is Audrey Assad.  I don't have her new album "heart" yet, it just came out of Valentine's Day, but I have listened to many of the songs. "Sparrow" is way up at the top for me.  Listen to it:
And finally, I have had the newist Shane and Shane cd , "the one you need," for quite some time, but I just LOVE it too and think you might enjoy it. I have listened to it sooo many times already that it just might be my at-the-house soundtrack. The whole things pretty much rocks, but "Miracle" might be my favorite on the whole album.  

So I hope I have introduced  you to something new that will intensify your all-day worship experience of the one who made us and loves us. 

I'm here and I'm still writing,

Katie Beth

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