Monday, November 21, 2011

The Little MacBook That Cost $

Well. My little newly-returned-regularly-scheduled blogging went to pot last week. I know, enough with the excuses already!! But if you will just forgive me again...

You see, the little MacBook I write my posts on decided to change my lovely plans.  He has been (mostly) loyal and faithful and dependable for over four years now, but last week he was so very tired. So tired in fact, that his regular glow just ceased.  Turns out his display and backlight need to be changed out! $270.00+ tax. Cha ching! 

Oh, and his battery is on the way to the world of fried batteries, too, I guess.  The nice genius at Apple regretfully informed me that my battery has stood up for over 808 charges, but that he likely wouldn't last for many more because they are only guaranteed for 300. (I feel the need to express my disgust that 300 full charges is not even a full years worth of charges if you run your battery down daily. Come ON Apple!).  But I guess I don't really have room to complain since mine lasted over double that! But unfortunately, he won't likely last much longer.  And to replace that is another $99.00+ tax. Cha ching! 

So if you are keeping track, the repairs my little guy needs are currently at around $370.00+ tax. And he is already 4 years old, has had to have his hard drive replaced and had his OS updated. So it is not like we haven't already put other money into him. (Well, the new hard drive was actually replace for free, but that is beside the point).  And umm, $400.00 is like almost a whole iPad2 and is almost 1/2 way to a brand spanking new MacBookAir.  And umm, I'm not working.  And umm, it is almost Christmas. And umm, yeah.

So I am trying to decide what to do, if anything at all. For the time being, I'm writing from Mr. RH's desktop. And I'm so grateful for this, because it has an internet connection, a lit screen and a keyboard. 

But my little MacBook buddy is sitting in the living room, close to our big living room window, and a couch and television. He is saying that the stationality (I know it isn't a word) of the desktop can't really satisfy me for too long, so I'm still going to have to make a decision. But maybe I can wait to decide until 2012.  Or maybe Santa will surprise me and decide for me.  Wouldn't that make the timing of this whole thing completely perfect? 

I'm here and I'm writing from the comfort of Mr. RH's plush leather desk chair,


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Callie Nicole said...

Oh, I can relate to the frustration! It's sad when a laptop decides to die, and then you have decide whether to get a new one or not. :-/ It would be lovely if "Santa" would bring one!