Monday, August 23, 2010

So Many Ideas, So Little .... Um, Skill?

Around the time I was in the last study crunch before my exam, I experienced a little computer issue. Some noises started happening, and I force quit the machine and tried to use the cd's and internet directions on correcting the problem, but to no (personal) avail.

My husband offered to help me out by taking it in and seeing what could be done, but it is my computer and I was with it when the problem started and I didn't want to spend any more time addressing it pre-test, nor did I want him to have to be the bearer of bad news on days when I was close enough to an anxiety attack without bad news. I just figured that such things could not be good for our relationship.
So I delayed in taking it. And while I have had access to a substitute computer for sometime, I am unfortunately running out of time with it. Thus, I am quickly approaching a place where I have no choice but to go in. Probably good for me to have that kind of pressure!
 I have been procrastinating with the repair situation, because I'm nervous about the results.I have already played through all the scenarios and I can't imagine a good one. I picture loosing things I hadn't backed up recently (which is some) or having to get a new computer (because who wants to spend the money) or really just being told I'm dumb because I didn't know how to fix something simple myself.
But the point I'm trying to make has nothing to do with garnering sympathy for the technical issues with my sweet little Mac buddy, but more of an informative and complaint with the computer I am using. (And while I'm glad I have internet access, I still have complaints!).
For instance, I do not know how to get to photos I have uploaded or to get them into blogger.
Every time I start a post or reading something, I get an update notice and then Windows proceeds to count down the seconds until I'm kicked off.
It updates so frequently I think, that it makes me not want to get onto the computer at all because I usually spend more time updating and virus protecting or scanning that I do with what I came to accomplish.
.... and thus, a combination of these things (added to a little neck strain issue I often experience with any laptop) keeps me off the computer and off the blog.
But my husband and maybe the rest of the world will be so proud to find out that I made an appointment and am taking my old laptop in today for a diagnosis (only a mere month after the occurrence that has threatened its life and my blogging existence). I'll keep you posted on that situation and in the meantime, will try to learn how to steal photos of celebrities and paste them into my blog so I can compose a post I have been wanting to write for sometime.
Hope you have a fabulous Monday.
I'm here. And (I guess you could say) I'm (sort of) writing,

post. script. (Oh, and if you are worried about my neck, know that I have another keyboard I can plug in if necessary that is ergonomic and helps the siutation... but restrains me to the table and desk area of the home which are neither very exciting nor creativity inducing.)


Callie Nicole said...

Oh, I hope they can fix it! My laptop is getting to that scary point too - I need to do some backing up myself.

Kelley said...

i'm glad you are getting it fixed! I hope it is a quick and easy fix as well!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I hope the problem is minor! I'm out of the loop, I don't know a thing about your neck.