Friday, August 6, 2010

The Longest Day of Cooking of My Life Thus Far. Part One.

or, yet another detour on the long road to domestication. Or, isn't it true: pride cometh before the fall.
I'm not even sure where to begin this post. I had illusions of grandeur apparently when I set out. I was going to share pictures of my perfectly executed, gorgeous prepared meal to take to my friend who recently had a baby. But alas, I have no photos.
And I didn't have a salad and I didn't wrap the gift either.
Back Story:
You see, I missed my friends baby shower. Because I was super selfish all summer studying for that test and I have felt like a jerk, especially after she and her pregnant self and her husband found the time to attend my graduation party. And out of my shame, I didn't rsvp or email or call when I missed the shower.
Her baby was due on my man's birthday and I figured he would make his appearance right around his due date. But he came early. And spent some time in the NICU and I didn't even know about it. Umm, because I am not on facebook. Oh, and because I missed the shower.
So my friend emailed me the day after my test was over to let me know her beautiful son had come into the world. I promptly called her and told her I would really like to bring them dinner and spend some time with her. And she graciously accepted!
So I planned a meal on Tuesday. I decided on a less seasoned version of chicken spaghetti for a number of reasons:
 1. I have experience making it.
2. It's simple.
3. It reheats / freezes and reheats well even for a person who does not like leftovers.
4. Chicken is neutral and one of the things they eat.
5. Pasta is comfort food. They have had a lot of stress.
6. It's Handsome's favorite. I think it is rather delicious, too.
And I found a tasty recipe for desert as well. Something I hadn't ever tried before, but thought it looked simple enough.
So I scoured our cabinets and drawers, compared to the recipes, and wrote a list. I wanted to shop Tuesday evening, but I was tired. So it didn't happen.
But I woke up early and set out to the grocery store. I intentionally went to one of the stores a little farther from our house, because I just knew that there was a better chance that they would have all of the ingredients I needed and thus, would simplify the day even farther.
(Part Dos coming next week).


The Conway's said...

Looking forward to part 2...

arsenalfamily said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I have no idea where this is going. Clue us in please. Hey, how did that test go? I was totally against FB for so long, but I have to say it really does keep you in the loop.

Kelley said...

so I would love for you to share the chicken spaghetti recipe some time!