Thursday, October 15, 2009

More Randomness. You Can't Say You Aren't Surprised!

So I owe you guys, and myself, a post, or ten.

I haven't been around in oh, like thirteen days. I'm embarrassed. I'm ashamed! Ahh. Not really. But I wish I were feeling more motivated to write. I suppose part of the motivation comes from being in the habit of doing it. I seem to want to write more, when I have been writing more often.


I suppose this is going to have to suffice as another random post to try and catch you up on a few things.

1. I am getting a hair-cut tomorrow and I am pumped. I haven't had one in oh, too many months to count, so I'm definitely looking forward to it. And I love how it feels when they blow dry it out.

2. Today I wore boots with a dress and I loved it. I am wanting to buy some slouchy boots, but I may just have to put them on my birthday wish-list, because I should not be buying them for myself right now.

3. Speaking of the cash-flow, I still really want to get to this place of meal-planning and sticking to the plan. I want to be able to use the groceries Mr. Rh and I buy without having to throw them away because we didn't get to it in time. Perhaps I can work on this over Christmas break.

4. Speaking of throwing things out, I had to toss the rest of the top of our wedding cake. I was soooo stinkin' sad too. Maybe I was tired, but it felt like the wedding, the beginning, the newly-wedded phase was over. And me and Mr. Rh didn't exactly have champagne and eat a piece together the way people do, even though I thought we would. But... that cake was still tasty and he is a good man even if he cut into it before I had planned.

5. Maybe I will get us another cake for something and maybe we can have champagne with it then!

6. I am totally going to write a birthday wish-list post in the next few days, because my birthday might be coming right up.

7. When I looked for the link for the cake posting, I noticed I had previously posted about slouchy boots. Ha! And I still like the same ones I posted about then, and Sassy Times encouraged me recently to take the plunge... maybe it really, really is time.

8. Tomorrow around 5p.m. my time, my Fall Break officially begins. And I plan on enjoying every last minute of it. Mr. Rh, if you're reading, you better get ready for a fun-filled weekend because I am prepped and ready for one myself.

9. Thinking about what I have talked about so far in this post makes me feel like a materialistic American. Dang. Maybe I won't do the birthday wishes post after all. But I'll come up with some other stuff and let you guys in on it.

10. I am loving the fall weather! Crisp air, football occasionally with the man, not too cold of days, perfect temperature for sleeping in the night(well for me, maybe not for my Mr.), nice afternoon /early evening walks, pretty yellows maroons and oranges on the trees.



A Journey Through the Waiting Game said...

Happy early birthday!

Brittney Galloway said...

haha, #9 made me laugh. I hope your fall break goes well and you get some well needed rest!

Callie Nicole said...

What, you haven't got any slouchy boots yet? You're the one who inspired me to get MY slouchy boots! Get out there and buy some right now! I'm serious.