Friday, June 1, 2012


So lately I've been asking myself a lot of WHY questions and thought I'd share them with you. (Don't worry, none of them are super deep and thoughtful. Just funny things about my little life).
Why do I like starting the washing machine, but hate taking things out of the dryer? 
and Why do I hate loading the dishwasher, but like unloading it? 
Why does my Big Baby need a human to stand with her while she eats her breakfast and dinner?
Why have I been moving from one injury to another the last few weeks?

Why do I want to go to Starbucks EVERY single day?

Why do I like starting books so much more than finishing them?

Why do I think workout clothes are so much cuter than regular clothes?

Why am I still thinking about adopting the cutest little dachshund we saw at a tractor supply store a few weekends ago?
Why do I not like cutting up fabric for projects? 
Why does chocolate come into my thoughts at least four times each day?
Why do I like vegetables more than fruit?
Why do I like homemade soup more than almost anything else for dinner? 
Why am I obsessed with the NBA right now? *And when did this start?* *GO HEAT!*

Why would I still be thinking about a blog redesign when I'm terribly bad about posting consistently?

Why did I write a WHY post? Hmmmm.

(P.S. I've been singing Y-O-Y-O-Y-O-WHY, Oh Why, Oh Why to the tune of Ole-ole-ole-ole. Where does this stuff come from in my brain?)


May at Faint with Hunger said...

I'm with you on the vegetables more than fruit thing! My friend loves Starbucks so much, she buys their own coffee blend to make at home as well (but she says it isn't the same as being in the cafe). So you are not alone!

Kelley said...