Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Quit My Blog.

  Unintentionally, of course. 
Life just got busy the way it does sometimes.
You see, Handsome and I have had a pretty different fall this fall. In some ways good and in some ways just flat out different than ever before.

For instance, I have never had a job where I worked forty (and sometimes plus) hours in a week. 

We joined a gym and I have never been a member of a gym.

These changes alone have been massive for this little Mrs. and I just haven't had energy or time at night to write messages to you.  And I most certainly am not busy writing in the day.

So while you were reading and writing, I was watching re-runs of Dawson's Creek and Felicity (courtesy of Handsome for my birthday).   And I was working out and occassionally cooking.  But mostly just really enjoying the hours of awake time that I get with Handsome, away from the stresses of work.

I would like to say for certain that I'll be here and I'll be writing, but I just can't be sure of it.  And I don't want to get anyone's expectations up, just to disappoint them later on.  But when I feel inspired, or have some extra time, or something special to say: then I will be here. And I will be writing. 

Because sheeeeeesh: I have to get adjusted to my working life at some point, right? 
I'll hopefully be here and hopefully still be writing, 


Callie Nicole said...

Oh gracious, when i read that title, I though you were saying goodbye to the blog world forever! That would be depressing. I can understand getting busy - especially working so much! I personally don't know how people who work full-time have any time for blogging. But I'm just glad you're not abandoning us entirely! :-)

Kelley said...

i have missed your posts, but I understand because I have been a n equally bad blogger!

love ya friend!

d.a.r. said...

It is SO hard to find a balance when you start working!! I am still trying to do that. I guess at least with Z gone right now, I have more free time at night. Which basically means my macbook comes to bed with me, haha.

Hang in there, the juggling act gets easier. Then as soon as we get the hang of it, we throw babies in there, right?!?!

Anonymous said...

Well that's the way life goes sometimes, but you are missed. Missed.